About Us

Residing in Iron River, Michigan since the beginnings of this community, we continue to proclaim Christ’s saving grace through supporting local mission projects and providing quilts, layettes and gifts for others through Lutheran world relief.

 Pastor Mike God is served through their               Interim Pastor:  Mike Laakko



 KEMPPAINEN-DALE-29 Our Administrative Assistant at First   Lutheran:    Elizabeth Kemppainen
 HOLM-DALE-23JOHNSON-RUSS-116 Our Treasure at First Lutheran:              Dale Holm



Our Treasure at Trinity:  Judy Johnson




Meet our Council members for First and Triniy 2016

President of First: Mike Brozak                                        President of Trinity:  Greg Garavet


Vice President of First:  Tom Karvala                     Vice President of Trinity:  Pam Tape



         Treasure of First:  Curt Poulos


Secretary of First:  Alisa Porier                                Secretary of Trinity: 

PORIER-MARCUS-37 (2)                                                   



Council Members of Trinity


Council Members Of First

 Jon Ahlberg                                                  Karen Behling                                                                 

  Debbie Bloom                                                                   Jane Holm                                                  



                                                                  Robby  Quayle